New Price List 2017-2

For its customers, DOCO International is always actively searching for the best possible purchase conditions. In as far as practically feasible, we continue to strive to protect the stability of our pricing levels. As a direct consequence of the increase in worldwide steel and aluminium price levels and following the worsening Dollar/ Euro exchange rates however, also we are forced to introduce a new pricelist starting 15 May 2017

That being said, as in the past today we will also continue to be in a position to keep potential higher prices at acceptable levels through our solid purchasing strategy. For you, our customer, this will result in mitigating the results of an ever changing market. 

We are proud to have learned from your very positive feedback to our new door systems and ancillary equipment which have been demonstrated at fairs and road shows over the last few months. We are pleased to rely on your continued business.

Please contact your local sales manager for more information about the new price list.