Introducing our pass door

We are pleased to present to you our brand-new pass door, available as separate parts or as a complete kit. Customers can now easily install a robust and durable pass door, with an equally attractive interior and exterior appearance.

The use of high-quality materials, excellent finish and many options ensure that DOCO can supply a suitable pass door for almost every situation.

With a free pass through width of 840 mm and an opening angle of 90° the height of the pass door itself is between 1820 and 2150 mm. It is suitable for sectional doors between 1840 and 5020 mm wide.

More information can be found below or on our website.


Limited offer:

free of charge with each pass door set*, receive a promotional box containing door catchers (875011), positioning studs (875015), a rain profile (875003-935), transport brackets (875042) and pass door hinge covers (875043).




*Valid for orders before July 1st 2019. Maximum of 5 promotional boxes per order.


Consult this overview to see how you can participate in our promotion.



Sealing solution

The high-end sealing solution was developed in cooperation with door specialist Groke, part of the SOMMER Group.

Safety contact

A safety contact, developed with SOMMER, can easily be installed invisibly in the aluminium profiles.




End caps

Aesthetic end caps for the threshold ensure that no extra machining of the aluminium is required.


Door catchers

The two-point door catchers* add both stability and durability to keep the door in the ideal position.

* Patent pending




Finger safe solution

Our finger safe solution prevents fingers from getting caught between the aluminium frame parts.


Internal hinges

Internal adjustable hinges are designed for easy installation and small adjustments of the door.




Low threshold

A low threshold of only 23 mm guarantees easy access.


Door handles

Choice of different door handles that are easy to install. 




Transport brackets

Designed to be pre-assembled and transported with special transport brackets for safe transportation and fast installation.


As kit or as separate parts

Our pass door is available as DIN Right or DIN Left and can be ordered as a kit or as separate parts.




Installation manual

The pass door installation manual is available in English, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Polish and Czech.


Order form

Use the pass door order form to easily place an order. Available in English, GermanFrench and Dutch.



If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your local sales manager.

Yours faithfully,
DOCO International